The Holistic event of the year

AWAKEN:11 is an 11-day Conscious Festival and Mega Retreat of Liberation, Transformation and Evolution, offering the most advanced spirituality approaches and tools combined with ancient wisdom, shamanism, arts, workshops, talks, day trips to mystical Mayan places and many more…

The best therapists and facilitators

All the activities will be carried by professional therapists, facilitators and an experienced crew to assist in your process of self discovery and evolution.


Retreats (only in Retreat or Full access):

  • Transformation Cycle Part 1 – Liberation from the Past (Primal Deconditioning)
  • Transformation Cycle Part 2 – Who is in? (Enlightenment Intensive)
  • Inner Mastery Therapeutic Shamanic Retreat

Workshops (included in all tickets except Festival) :

  • NEO Meditation
  • Active Transformation Meditation
  • Circular Breathing Intense Meditation
  • AUM Awareness Understanding Meditation
  • Daily Osho Active Meditations
  • Higher Vibes Concert – Meditation with Gongs, Singing Bowls Flutes
  • Sounds of the Earth Concert Meditation with Prehispanic Instruments
  • Mayan Cacao Ceremony (stunning prehispanic show)
  • Non-Visionary Shamanic Remedies Workshop
  • Shamanic Deep Meditation Workshop using “Rapé”
  • Conscious School

Sessions (Additional not included in any access):

  • Kambo Clinic
  • Bufo Alvarius Session
  • Massages
  • Private Session with Therapists


  • How can we revert the involutive process that is leading humanity towards the extintion?