Inner Mastery: Evolution with Psychoterapeutic use of Ayahuasca

A retreat where the main workbase is done by using Ayahuasca, since it’s a solid and safe platform to initiate an inner journey, preparing the ground to later access optionally to the Bufo Alvarius or Kambo sessions. The distinctive note of our proposal is the support and accompainment that we do during the process, so the participants can go back to their homes with the experience integrated.

At all times you will be accompanied by experienced facilitators and therapists, who will support your process using the most advanced psychotherapeutic integration techniques that change in each retreat; it is a synergistic blend of holistic resources that vary and spontaneously renew each encounter, making it unique and unrepeatable.
Systemic Therapy, Biodance, Non-Therapy, Hoponopono, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, music, songs and instruments from many origins… are some of the resources we use depending on the situation.

There are millions of people around the world who are searching for new experiences that bring a different meaning to life, which can give them back the hope that there is a way out, or that to simply give them a clearer vision of what happens to them.

We are a group of international companies with more than 150 collaborators and facilitators that dedicate ourselves to the organization and realization of more than 600 events a year for internal evolution, in more than 15 countries. We are read by more than 5 million people in 7 languages on our blog and we have millions of followers and readers in more than 100 pages on social networks. We are legally constituted in Spain with the Companies: Inner Mastery International S.L.U. and subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and the Netherlands. Our Worldwide Network of Holistic EpiCenters has houses located in Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Torino, Rome, Eindhoven, Mexico, Ireland, Uruguay, Portugal and Switzerland. We also own a hostel in the Amazon jungle where we take participants every month, and have our own education school in Europe. Behind this international organization there are people, many human beings that are sharing the transformation that is happening to us, so for that reason…

We have created a method based on you, because we have discovered it before on ourselves. That inner exploration inevitably leads us to both shadows and light, that is how we come to an understanding of the meaning of life.

These are the natural tools we’re going to use during the event:

Ayahuasca: It is a natural brew made with two Amazonian plants (that are abundant in the jungle) and that for thousands of years the natives have used as an integral remedy. A small amount is drunk and after 30 to 60 minutes the process of physical cleansing (vomiting and/or diarrhoea) and expansion of consciousness that produce visions (self-awareness) begins, allowing us to understand many things about how we function and about what happens to us in life. The session can last up to 4 hours. Its use is now widespread in almost the entire world. It produces organic cleansing, emotional unblocking, psychological balance and spiritual connection. The group session takes place at night, and lasts between 4 to 6 hours with previous psycho-emotional preparation and permanent accompaniment of facilitators with music, sounds and songs. The next day a psycho-therapeutic integration is carried out to share the experience.

Kambó: It is a poison extracted from the skin of an Amazonian frog (which is then returned it to its natural environment) that has healing properties when used in very small doses that are introduced into the lymphatic system through the skin. In a few minutes it produces an extraordinary physical cleanse through vomiting that releases the body of toxins and energies that are stagnated and hidden in the organs. It is a true reset of the body that allows you to raise its defences to unknown levels. The session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes and takes place from 8am, before breakfast. (You must drink 2 litres of water beforehand).

Bufo Alvarius: It is a dried and ground poison extracted from glands of type of Mexican desert toad (then returned to its natural environment) that is smoked in crystal pipes in very small quantities. In just seconds it produces the most amazing effects you can imagine: fusion with the cosmos and life, direct access to infinity and eternity, understanding of the past and the future, and an openness to enjoy the present from the heart. The session can last between 20 to 40 minutes, sometimes with music and songs and other times in silence. It is done during the day, before lunch or in the afternoon. Deeper processes are also done with several further and consecutive sessions.

Rapés (snuffs): They are powders that come from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela are prepared with ashes and ground Amazonian plants, the base of which is tobacco. These are projected through the nose. They produce an energy input that clears the nasal passages, clears the mind and restores the neural connections by caressing the pineal gland. They can cause vomiting, sneezing and dizziness. This group workshop lasts from 1 to 2 hours and takes place 2 to 4 hours before taking Ayahuasca -as a preparation- where several types of rapés (snuffs) are projected (we have dozens of varieties and intensities) accompanied by music, sounds and songs.

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