Primal: Freedom from the Past
(Osho Transformation Cycle Part 1)


The only way to heal our wounds is by exposing them. When the longingness to be free is greater than the fear to be exposed, we open ourselves to experiences that can reprogram the most deep and negative beliefs that we have about ouselves. This retreat creates the atmosphere where love and consciousness surround and support us.

By combining the power of active meditations, self enquiry, regression and group therapy, we will take a profound and honest look on how our believes have developed, and how they shape the experience we have of the world and about ourselves. We’re going to do a conscious journey back to our early childhood to reconnect with our inner child, and with those energies that we couldn’t understand back then, and as adults we are going to reinterprete and use them to set us free from the conditioning that they have created.

We invite you to a journey that definetly will transform your life for good.


“The whole life becomes just a struggle, a violent struggle, and everywhere you can see and feel and hear the clash. Whenever somebody comes near, you are tense and the other is also tense – both are carrying their Himalayas of tension and sooner or later they will clash. You may call it love but those who know, they say it is a clash. Now there is going to be misery. Be finished with the past. As you become more free from the past, the mountain starts disappearing. And then you will attain a unison: you will become, by and by, one…”
– OSHO –

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